Easy Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills | Beginner Level

Communication is important for everyone and it’s more important for the people who are working and facing people across the states and even across the world.

To keep it simple, there are two parts to the communication system one is Speaker and one is Receiver. The people who are speaking are Speakers and the ones who are hearing or listening are Receivers. If you want to convey the message to receivers, your communication should be more clear, or else the message you want to convey will be understood in another way.

Here we are going to see What is communication and how to improve your communication skill in an easy way.

Communication happens all the time when we try to share a message with someone or try to share our idea with our office mates and the mode of communication will be different based on the situation. (Sometimes we communicate via voice, written words, gestures, and even via body language).

Why communication skills are really important in the workplace?

  • To build a connection with customers and stakeholders
  • To build a relationship with Teammates and Managers
  • To convey your ideas to others
  • It will open gateways to more career growth
  • To get a high spot in a management role.

What is the easy way to improve communication skills?

Prepare Yourself

“Always prepare yourself before every action you are going to start it.”
We need to understand, How we are failing when we communicate with others. The answer is we didn’t prepare for that.

  • Yes, before submitting your ideas to other people, follow the below steps for better results.
  • Note down the points that you are going to present
  • Keep it Simple
  • Speak with an energetic approach with an appropriate tone
  • Note down the pros and cons of your idea
  • Prepare the answers for cons

Put Yourself on a Track

Many people fail to convey a message because of the track they are traveling. At some point, the speaker shifts the track to telling stories instead of staying on the original message. Before starting the conversation, presentation, or email with your receiver eliminate the unwanted stories and make the communication more clear and concise.

Look at you in the Mirror

Stand and present your ideas in front of the mirror. It will help you to focus more on the downside of your communication. Standing in front of the mirror will increase your confidence and remove the fear. Also when you look in the mirror you will know your facial expression. This will helps you to manage the expression and focus more on the presentation.

Enage with your Listners

Audience engagement is really important when you are giving a presentation. The message that you are communicating will be remembered by the audience will be based on how you are taking them with you.

Follow the below steps for better audience engagement.

  • Know your audience
  • Make the content more interesting
  • Listen to them as much as you speak
  • Tell them a story (Based on content)
  • Link with some experience (Based on content)
  • Give an example
  • Keep the content with the latest update (Avoid old data and examples)

Make your Body Speak

Body language and gestures have an important role in presenting your ideas. This is not only for the Live Presentation but even for the virtual presentation on MS Teams, Webex, etc.
Body language comes under non-verbal communication, and it tells how interested you are in the content based on your expression. There are many ways to improve body language, here are a few important things that you need to know about body language.

  • Make your body straight
  • Maintain good eye contact
  • Make your hands visible
  • Walk with purpose and an energetic approach
  • Use palm gestures
  • Sync your facial expression with the content

Improve your vocabulary

Why do we need to improve our vocabulary?
A large vocabulary helps with all aspects of communication, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. For these reasons, vocabulary is essential to anyone’s success. Follow the below steps to increase your vocabulary.

  • Developing a reading book will help you to increase your vocabulary. (Most of the people following this)
  • Use dictionary 
  • Play word games (Most of the people following this)
  • Read journals
  • Use online sources (Wikipedia, Magazines, Blogs, Etc.)
  • Watch Dramas (Most of the people following this)

Finally, we have reached the end of the content. We hope that the information provided above is useful in some little manner. The material provided above is the same information we utilized to improve our talents and learn more about them.

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